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Hello, I'm Adrianne Rangel, the innovator behind The Hidden Row Hair Extension Method. I provide exclusive custom hair extension services and one--on-one hair extension education.

The Hidden Row Method, protected under US Patent 11419375, revolutionizes hair extensions through strategic placement and seamless color blending. Utilizing a unique system, I securely attach weft hair to a foundation row of silicone-lined beads, without the need for heat or glue, ensuring zero damage. My discreet installation allows you to confidently style your hair in high ponytails or buns without any visible extensions.

An initial installation typically takes under two hours, while maintenance appointments require just an hour of your time. However, the longevity and health of your extensions are influenced by your lifestyle and proper care. Each pack of hair is distinct, ethically sourced, comes from human donors, and requires recommended hair products for optimal maintenance.

Extensions serve as a temporary enhancement, subject to natural wear and color fading over time. On average, they maintain their quality for 8-10 months before requiring replacement. The versatility of The Hidden Row Hair Extension Method accommodates various types of weft hair, tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Investing in hair extensions is investing in your confidence and beauty regimen. Regular maintenance every 6-8 weeks, coupled with specialized treatment, ensures the longevity of your hair investment.

Are you prepared to embrace newfound confidence? Don't hesitate any longer—I'm eager to collaborate with you to achieve all your hair aspirations!

Adrianne Rangel

Extension Artist

Dallas Texas Hair Extensions


Four beautiful women    with hair coloring in ultra blond. Stylish hairstyle curls done in

"Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference"


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