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A Bit About Me

Adrianne Rangel - Extension Artist


Hello and welcome to my page! I'm Adrianne, and crafting beautiful hair extensions is my passion. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, I am dedicated to providing top-tier services to my clients, ensuring they both feel and look their absolute best.

My expertise lies in custom hair extensions, where I've honed my skills to perfection. In fact, I've innovated my very own technique in 2017, the Hidden Row Hair Extension Method (US Patent 11419375). This method, born from hands-on extension experience since 2011, addresses common issues with traditional weft installations. By meticulously concealing beads and allowing for versatile styling, such as high ponytails, I've created a solution that blends seamlessly with natural hair. The moment I achieved this dream install for my clients, I knew it was something special.

The journey to patenting this technique was a collaborative effort with my husband and the exceptional team at Akaweih Law Firm, culminating in the grant of our patent in 2022. My ultimate goal has always been to deliver work of which I am immensely proud, ensuring my clients feel confident every day, even between appointments. After all, hair extensions should enhance your beauty subtly, allowing you to shine without revealing your secrets.

If you're intrigued by the idea of achieving your hair goals with a seamless, natural look, I'd love to hear from you. Let's make your hair dreams a reality!

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